Color Matters White or Non White Identity
White Red Brown Yellow Blue Black
Are you a Generalized Specialist...James's  character American Newman..confronting Royal  rejection.

If your electronic mouse Brain is fully decoded and the source code is revealed can you figure how it Recognizes the One

Mother Carson; If Johnny carson is awarded the best entertainer ever? Why cannot she celebrate with the son? Secretly "They know what they are doing....i suppose while collecting shoe box full of news paper reports.

Ed McMohan line first introduced as Loathario drinking buddy. Johnny performs on his head ahead while the mouse is spitting -urinating as a means of marking their territory..Salmon up the Pants.. etc going to die..with the R u  precision arrow...jokes

What is your rate. Free or Fee ? If you want Orgasm what's in it for me ?
My Fair Lady Vs Tall Dark and Handsome Standard.
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